Why We Chose To Donate Our Profit To CAMH

When starting The Honest Hour podcast, we pledged to help reshape the mental health conversation, and create a platform that encourages comfort and relatability in mental illness. After seeing the enormous impact having simple, casual conversations was generating, we knew we had to do more but at a greater scale. Check on the Homies was formed as a vehicle to continue talking about mental health, promoting awareness, and spreading an important message of the significance of checking in on each other. Reducing the stigma and encouraging mental health conversation and awareness was only half of our impact mission. 

There is still so much unknown about the human brain, how it connects with the mind, and how and why things can work to cause mental illness. These limitations in brain research as it pertains to mental health inevitably result in significant limitations and errors when it comes to treatment.  Although there have been many advances in mental health research, our current approaches to treating mental illness don't always work, and the available treatment options are only effective about half of the time. 

Our reasons for choosing to donate our profit to CAMH are endless. CAMH is Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centers. After seeing the impact that the pandemic was having on our community, we wanted to support local and luckily for us, CAMH is at both a local and national scale. With the widest range of mental health services such as patient care and hospital services, resources and education, community, and our favorite factor - groundbreaking mental health research, supporting CAMH was without a question.

CAMH is a leading research institute, with a focus on three broad domains: brain sciencepersonalized care, and policy and prevention. By donating our profit and supporting CAMH we are helping to fuel the next generation of life-saving research and innovation that is dedicated to further understanding the brain to find the causes of and cures for mental illness. Funding research dedicated to incubating innovation, improving treatment options and interventions, and advancing prevention and care strategies, we as the Check on the Homies community are transforming the future of mental health, forever.

Together, we are breaking down the mental health stigma, creating more comfort and frequency of conversations, and supporting today to give someone a better tomorrow. We are excited to continue generating an impact through Check on the Homies and putting mental health at the forefront of health because Mental Health is Health. 

Learn more about the incredible research and work being done at CAMH: